Hidden from small

Hidden from small


October 30, 2013

The Piece Is Born

Daniel Matsukawa performs David Ludwig’s “Pictures from the Floating World”


October 28, 2013

The Secret Songs of Women

Secret Fan. Dressing for the Wedding. Longing for her Sister. Grandmother’s Echo.

These are some of the intriguing titles of the films in Chinese composer Tan Dun’s Nu Shu: The Secret Songs of Women, Symphony for Microfilms, Harp, and Orchestra. The Philadelphia Orchestra and Principal Harp Elizabeth Hainen give the U.S. premiere of the multi-media composition this week. “They’re very powerful. Very emotional,” says Hainen of the films, which each depict a rite of passage. “And just beautiful. Beautiful events. Tan Dun has managed to capture the essence of this time and this place through this music and through this footage.” She adds, “He’s a wonderful, wonderful composer. There’s never been anything like it, I can tell you that.”

October 25, 2013

The Most Important Date: Rehearsal No. 1

October 31, 2013, is a big night here—and not because it’s Halloween. Our concert that Thursday night launches a full weekend of performances featuring three new works, each written specifically for a principal player in The Philadelphia Orchestra. 

October 23, 2013

What's A Composer To Do?

We told you in our last post how Philadelphia Orchestra Principal Flute Jeffrey Khaner is practicing “furiously,” preparing for the premiere of Behzad Ranjbaran’s Flute Concerto next week. But what does a composer do in the waning days before a world premiere? Is he furiously writing, racing to put the finishing touches on that final movement?

October 18, 2013

Two Weeks and Counting...and Practicing Furiously...

At the end of this month, three principals of The Philadelphia Orchestra will give premieres of concertos written specifically for them. With the clock ticking, what does a musician do? “I’ve been practicing it furiously!” says Principal Flute Jeffrey Khaner, who will give the world premiere of Behzad Ranjbaran’s Flute Concerto in less than two weeks. “Technically it’s a very challenging piece.

October 15, 2013

Philadelphia Orchestra Commissions Micro-Festival: Hear Tomorrow’s Masterpieces Today

If you’re a fan of new music, you probably already have your tickets for the upcoming Philadelphia Orchestra Commissions Micro-Festival premiering several concertos commissioned specifically for Philadelphia Orchestra principal musicians. If you don’t have tickets (or maybe you tuned out at those very words “new music”), please read on. Music Director Yannick Nézet-Séguin wants to change your mind. “I hope our audiences will learn … not to be too scared anymore about it!” he laughs.