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School Partnership Program

School Partnerships

In September 2005, The Philadelphia Orchestra introduced its School Partnership Program (SPP), establishing ongoing, in-depth relationships with partnering schools in the Philadelphia region. Through SPP, the Orchestra cultivates students’ knowledge and love of orchestral music, develops students’ perceptive and creative skills, and helps parents and teachers bring classical music into their homes and classrooms. This program helps bring a new generation of listeners to the Orchestra and empowers our city’s youth through the exploration of their own creativity.

The School Partnership Program offers students incomparable exposure and access to The Philadelphia Orchestra and its musicians. At each school, a Philadelphia Orchestra Teaching Artist has a weekly presence in participating classrooms in grades 2-5. They work side-by-side with classroom teachers using a curriculum and materials created by the Orchestra’s Department of Collaborative Learning in cooperation with teaching artists and classroom teachers. Students attend an Orchestra School Concert as well as other concerts throughout the year. Orchestra musicians visit each school annually, providing participating students the opportunity to engage with a range of musicians who they will see onstage in Verizon Hall.

SPP Student Learning Objectives

Through their participation in the School Partnership Program, which includes attendance at a Philadelphia Orchestra School Concert, students will:

  1. Identify and synthesize the fundamentals of music and demonstrate knowledge of instruments of the symphony orchestra.
  2. Employ music fundamentals to create new music, perform a concert, and apply critical listening skills.
  3. Develop and apply the following Pennsylvania Student Interpersonal Skills Standards for grades 1-5:
    • developing self-awareness in group settings (16.1.5.A, B)
    • making choices (16.3.5.A)
    • establishing goals and adhering to a chosen path (16.1.5.D)
    • engaging in good decision making and responsible social participation (16.3.5.B, C)
    • fostering diversity of ideas and creating open communication pathways (16.2.5.A, B)
    • identifying and applying ideas for conflict resolution (16.2.5.D, E)
  4. Reflect on their musical experiences, incorporating abstract and creative thinking, use of literacy skills, and other creative means.

School Partnership Program Staff
Lisa Vaupel, Coordinator

Teaching Artists
Brad Broomfield
Gabriel Globus-Hoenich
Rebecca Harris
Elizabeth Jaffe
Susanna Loewy
Ryan Seay
Luigi Mazzocchi (substitute)

Major funding for the School Partnership Program is provided by the Annenberg Foundation, the Hamilton Family Charitable Trust, Kinder-Morgan Foundation, and the William Penn Foundation.


Participating Schools for the 2019-20 School Year

Gesu School, an independent Catholic school

Principal: Sr. Ellen Convey, IHM
Grade levels participating in program: 2, 3, and 4
Joined program: September 2005
Number participating: 150 students
Website: www.gesuschool.org

John Moffet School, School District of Philadelphia

Principal:  Mr. Rodney Johnson
Grade levels participating in program: 2, 4, and 5
Joined program: September 2011
Number participating: 180 students
Website: https://moffet.philasd.org/