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Financial Information

The Philadelphia Orchestra Association is making available its Consolidated Financial Statements and Report of Independent Certified Public Accountants for the most recent fiscal years. The consolidated financial statements include the accounts of the Philadelphia Orchestra Association and its subordinate entity, The Academy of Music of Philadelphia, Inc.

The Philadelphia Orchestra

FY 2018
PO Audited Financials FY 2018
PO Form 990 FY 2018

FY 2017
PO Audited Financials FY 2017
PO Form 990 FY 2017

FY 2016
PO Audited Financials FY 2016
PO Form 990 FY 2016

FY 2015
PO Audited Financials FY 2015
PO Form 990 FY 2015


The Academy of Music

AOM Form 990 FY 2018
AOM Form 990 FY 2017
AOM Form 990 FY 2016
AOM Form 990 FY 2015