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  1. What is the minimum group size?
    You need at least 10 people to qualify as a group.
  2. What kind of discount is available to groups?
    Groups of 10 or more can receive a discount ranging from 10% - 40% off single tickets to the Orchestra. The exact amount depends on section location of tickets desired, and pricing is subject to availability. For more information, please contact the Group Sales Office.
  3. When is the deposit and final payment required?
    The deposit is due six weeks prior to the performance and the final payment is due three weeks prior to the performance. We work with groups on an individual basis to provide a flexible payment policy.
  4. Is there a processing fee?
    Groups save on fees by completely eliminating per-ticket fees! Only one flat-rate $12 order fee will be charged per order. Another great way to save.
  5. Can my group sit together?
    We will make every effort to seat your group together. Exact seating is dependent on the availability of seats for a particular performance. Call early for best availability.
  6. Can I change my order?
    Yes! Group orders can be adjusted up until the time of the final payment. After paying the deposit, however, you are contractually obligated to purchase at least 50% of the original ticket quantity. You may add seats to your order after final payment. All ticket sales are final.
  7. Where can I find group pricing?
    Group pricing can be found in the Group Sales Brochure or by contacting the group sales office.
More information regarding directions, how to read your ticket, and dining can be found under Plan Your Visit.

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