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We are excited to invite you, our valued and loyal patrons, to join us as we continue to feature the LiveNote app during the concert season. We will employ this concert enhancement initially on select subscription concerts in an effort to engage concertgoers and learn more about the collective appetite for the use of new technology in the concert hall across many different types of Orchestra concerts.

LiveNote will be featured on certain pieces only on select dates during the following performances in the 2019-20 season:


With LiveNote you can:

  • Follow along during the performance with real-time program notes including text and translations for vocal works.
  • Watch the slides of information automatically advance with the music on your phone’s screen during the concert.
  • Enjoy key highlights, engaging details, and images relating to the composition.
  • Access a musical glossary, a digital version of the traditional program notes, and information about The Philadelphia Orchestra.
  • Adjust the font size and brightness for optimal viewing during a performance in Verizon Hall.

A critical feature of LiveNote is that it has been developed to have minimal impact on concertgoers in the hall and thoroughly tested in rehearsals and postlude performances. The application is designed with grey text on a black background specifically to minimize light and disruption. The content is custom designed for each piece to optimize the experience of hearing the work without distraction. It can be used throughout Verizon Hall, and its use is optional. LiveNote will be a companion to Playbill, which will continue to be distributed at performances when LiveNote is available.

“Today, we all are finding ways to merge technology with the things that we love in our lives, including listening to music. I welcome the opportunity to facilitate this in the concert hall in a thoughtful manner, providing listeners with the choice to use the LiveNote application, or not. It is yet another option for our audiences to appreciate and enjoy the music differently.”

     -- Philadelphia Orchestra Music Director Yannick Nézet-Séguin


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We are committed to providing you the best possible concert experience. We are excited to bring this new concert enhancement to Verizon Hall and plan with you the next steps for this technology. Please share your thoughts with us via the contact form.

LiveNote was funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts and the William Penn Foundation.