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November 10, 2019

2019 Asia, November 7: Tokyo

Violinist Boris Balter gets ready for the rehearsal at NHK Hall. Photo by Todd Rosenberg

Contrabassoonist Holly Blake warms up backstage. Photo by Todd Rosenberg

The afternoon concert is part of the NHK Music Festival. Photo by Todd Rosenberg

November 08, 2019

Musician Travel Tips 2019: Seoul Edition

Resolver Cigar Bar: This is my favorite cigar bar, with an unbelievable selection of cigars.

Gyeongridan Street is near Itaewon and has great food. It’s a “street food” alley where everything tastes good, and it also has nice little shops. Bring walking shoes, the hill is pretty steep.

November 07, 2019

2019 Asia, November 6: Tokyo

Today was a well-deserved free day in Tokyo and musicians fanned out across the city. Co-Principal Trombone Matt Vaughn joined some Orchestra and staff colleagues at the teamLab Borderless digital art museum. Photo by Todd Rosenberg

The group at teamLab Borderless. Photo by Todd Rosenberg

November 06, 2019

2019 Asia, November 5: Tokyo

Baseball is as beloved in Japan as it is in the US and Orchestra musicians always try to put together a friendly game with a local orchestra when on tour. This year the Philadelphia Firebirds played against members from the Tokyo Symphony. Photo by Todd Rosenberg

Violist Marvin Moon narrowly avoids a wild pitch. Photo by Todd Rosenberg

November 05, 2019

2019 Asia, November 4: Osaka—Tokyo

Principal Percussion Christopher Deviney and other musicians arrive at the Shin-Osaka Train Station for the trip to Tokyo. Photo by Todd Rosenberg

Violinist Julia Li does a little shopping before boarding the train. Photo by Todd Rosenberg

November 04, 2019

Musician Travel Tips 2019: Tokyo Edition

The next in our series of musician travel tips, this time Tokyo, comes from violinist Hirono Oka and a few of her friends.

Itoya Ginza stationary store. This is not an ordinary stationary store. Many floors and 2 buildings. A lot of cool stuff!

November 03, 2019

2019 Asia, November 2-3: Taipei—Osaka—Kyoto—Osaka

Guido Frackers, president of TravTours, the Orchestra’s tour management, leads the way through the Taipei Taoyuan International Airport. Photo by Todd Rosenberg

Lauren Moore, Orchestra touring and logistics manager, checks in at a Hello Kitty kiosk. Photo by Todd Rosenberg

November 02, 2019

Musician Travel Tips 2019: Osaka Edition

The next in our series of musician travel tips comes from the son of a friend of mine, who just returned from Osaka and has the following suggestions.


A MUST for meat lovers is Matsusaka Yakiniku. And get the garlic fried rice. The general manager’s name is Kuni. He is a local celebrity and knows all the best places. He is also extremely friendly and knowledgeable.

November 01, 2019

2019 Asia, November 1: Taipei

Violinist Hirono Oka and Assistant Concertmaster Marc Rovetti on the bus to the morning rehearsal. Photo by Todd Rosenberg

The National Concert Hall, though modern in function and purpose, recalls traditional elements of Chinese palace architecture. It was opened in 1987. Photo by Todd Rosenberg

October 31, 2019

2019 Asia, October 31: Taipei

It’s a rainy Halloween not only in Philadelphia but also in Taipei, as the musicians made their way to the National Concert Hall for their first rehearsal. Photo by Todd Rosenberg