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Pope Francis’s Favorite Pieces of Classical Music

July 24, 2015

We love getting to know a bit more about the pope, including what are some of his favorite classical music works. He’ll get to hear the Orchestra this September when the Fabulous Philadelphians play for him at the Festival of Families and during the Papal Mass.

Photo: Korean Culture and Information Service—Jeon Han

Read about his classical favorites, along with his favorite films, painters, and literature here.

The Orchestra’s participation in the Festival of Families concert on September 26 and the Papal Mass on September 27 has been made possible through the generous support of the Maguire Foundation, Harry and Kay Halloran, Chris Donahue/Federated, the Connelly Foundation, Andrew Lesko, Thomas Ajamie, Christian and Adrianna Henkels Fund/Schwab Charitable, Jeremiah and Kathleen O’Grady, Ed Kicak, and Vincent Roberti, in addition to an extraordinary partnership with Senator Robert P. Casey and the advocacy of Senator Pat Toomey and Congressman Brendan Boyle.