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Musician Travel Tips 2019: Tokyo Edition

November 04, 2019

The next in our series of musician travel tips, this time Tokyo, comes from violinist Hirono Oka and a few of her friends.

Itoya Ginza stationary store. This is not an ordinary stationary store. Many floors and 2 buildings. A lot of cool stuff!

The Akihabara district is filled with shops for high-tech electronics (they’re also duty free).

Toyosu Fish Market: The famous Tsukiji Fish Market moved to this location in Tokyo in 2018. 

Kamakura: This town is just outside of Tokyo to the south. If you missed Kyoto, this is like a mini Kyoto. 

The Asakusa district of Tokyo is where you can feel the atmosphere of old Japan.

Depachika means the basement of a department store. All the basements of the big department stores are filled with shops that sell all kinds of wonderful cooked food (Western, Asian, sweets, etc.). 

Shibuya Crossing: This intersection is nothing new to me but I guess it is an amazing site to people from who have not been to Japan. I always see a lot of tourists taking pictures. 

And my best friend’s (from kindergarten) son, who just came back from his Japanese “fun trip,” told me about these places. They look quite interesting. 

Hyakudan Kaidan: Located in the Hotel Gajoen Tokyo, the Hyakudan Kaidan (or 100 Steps Staircase) and several historic rooms are all that is left of the original Gajoen, which was partly torn down in 1988 to expand the width of the Meguro River.

The digital art museum teamLab Borderless is a magical mix of color, light, and sound.

Omoide Yokocho (Memory Lane), in the Shinjyuku district, is a maze of narrow alleyways with very traditional food stalls.