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2014 Tour of Asia & China Residency, Day 17: The Orchestra Arrives in Taipei for the Final Concert of the Tour

June 04, 2014

6/4/14, Taipei: Everyone off the bus! The Orchestra arrives in Taipei, Taiwan, for the final concert of the Tour. Photo by Jan Regan.

6/4/14, Taipei: What’s an arrival in a new city without meeting the press? Yannick (center), joined by Executive Vice President of Orchestra Advancement Ryan Fleur (left) and Jimmy Ma of Lexus, a local sponsor of the Orchestra’s performance in Taipei, responds to media questions. Photo by Jan Regan.

6/4/14, Taipei: A group of reporters query Yannick, who displays his sense of humor in answering them. Photo by Jan Regan. 

6/4/14, Taipei: Who needs a GPS? Concertmaster David Kim uses the old-fashioned method of asking for directions on the streets of Taipei. Photo by Jan Regan.

6/4/14, Taipei: Kim’s mission: to take staff members and tour colleagues out for a thank-you dinner. After three weeks of Asian fare, they opt for Mexican food. Photo by Jan Regan.