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2014 Tour of Asia & China Residency, Day 15: Playing Ball during the Day and a Concert at Night in Tokyo

June 02, 2014

6/2/14, Tokyo: Baseball is revered in both the U.S. and in Japan, so what’s a tour to Japan without a friendly baseball game between two orchestras? The Philadelphia Orchestra Firebirds and the players from the Tokyo Symphony bow in respect before the start of the game. Photo by Jan Regan.

6/2/14, Tokyo: Warming up before the game is Associate Principal Second Violin Paul Roby, in his other role as catcher. Photo by Jan Regan.

 6/2/14, Tokyo:  That ball is outta here. Photo by Jan Regan. 

6/2/14, Tokyo: Principal Tuba Carol Jantsch lets fly a Frisbee on the sidelines during the game. Photo by Jan Regan.

6/2/14, Tokyo: With a 12-run outburst in the third inning, the Firebirds easily won the game 17 to 5. In fact, we took two games from the Tokyo Symphony. Not that we’re bragging or anything. Photo by Jan Regan.

6/2/14, Tokyo: Later that evening, the Orchestra took the stage for the first of two concerts at Suntory Hall. With guest violinist Akiko Suwanai, the Orchestra performed Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto, followed by the composer’s Sixth Symphony, the “Pathétique.” Photo by Jan Regan.

6/2/14, Tokyo: Yannick works in tandem with Suwanai to blend her playing with the Philadelphia Strings. Photo by Jan Regan.

6/2/14, Tokyo: Concentration etched on her face, Yumi Kendall, acting associate principal cello, follows Yannick’s guidance. Photo by Jan Regan.

Great job. After congratulating Principal Second Violin Kimberly Fisher, Yannick gives similar praise to violinist Davyd Booth and the other members of the Orchestra as they leave the stage following the concert. Photo by Jan Regan.