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2014 Tour of Asia & China Residency, Day 13—A Side-By-Side Rehearsal, Residency Activities, and a Side-By-Side Concert in Macao

May 31, 2014

5/31/14, Macao: Orchestra members participate in a side-by-side rehearsal, clearly enjoyed by horn player Shelley Showers (center), with members of the Macao Orchestra in preparation for a concert later that evening at the Venetian Theatre. Photo by Jan Regan.

 5/31/14, Macao: A horn quartet "pop up" for a performance in the ruins of St. Paul, with the assistance of some host-provided sun protection. Photo by Jan Regan.

5/31/14, Macao:  In another Residency activity, Orchestra musicians (from left) Glenn Fischbach, a cellist touring with the Orchestra; violist Burchard Tang; violinist Richard Amoroso; bassoonist Angela Anderson Smith; bass clarinetist Paul Demers; and oboist Jonathan Blumenfeld, give a concert at the Dom Pedro V Theatre that included visually impaired audience members. Forming string and woodwind trios, the musicians demonstrate their instrument’s sounds for the audience members. Photo by Jan Regan.

 5/31/14, Macao: Blumenfeld, Anderson Smith, and Demers perform at the Residency Concert. Photo by Jan Regan.

5/31/14, Macao: The side-by-side concert with the Macao Orchestra featured Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony and Tchaikovsky’s Sixth Symphony. Yannick conducted the Tchaikovsky symphony and Lu Jia, the music conductor of the Macao Orchestra, conducted the Beethoven symphony. Photo by Jan Regan.

5/31/14, Macao: Principal Percussion Christopher Deviney and a Macao Orchestra counterpart bring drama to their playing. Photo by Jan Regan.